I’ve literally been trying to use a cup for 7 years. I have gotten a good almost completely leak proof seal a hand full of times. And granted it hasn’t been quite 7 years because I’ve had two children since then so I obviously wasn’t using it while pregnant. But during times I was actively having a period over the last 7 years I’ve been trying. I’ve tried several different folds, I’ve tried two different cups, and I’ve looked up countless videos and blog posts about them. And I can not consistently get a good seal. Even the times I get a someone decent seal and it actually collects blood I leak plenty. But more often then not it catches little to no blood and it’s a leaky nasty mess! I hate sitting in pads full of blood and tampons since using a cup are like a swear word and I don’t swear! But seriously… who has to try this long? Something has got to be wrong! How do I fix this and have this blissful experience I was supposed to be having????

SLMomma09 Answered question May 6, 2021