So I ordered the Dutchess cup from Amazon in size A (large) due to me age being 28 but no kids and I’m not sexually active.  I have had my first period since I got the cup. The firmness seems ok, I didn’t find it technically difficult to insert however it seems big so a bit painful and uncomfortable. As soon as it went in I gave it a tug and it seemed to have formed a seal so it was a good relief that it was so much easier than what I read. I feel my cup maybe too big as I could feel it and it felt like constant pressure and a bit uncomfortable. And I have read you shouldn’t be able to feel it. I had no leaks over night. When it came to removal, the seal was so strong and it was over my cervix so pulling was only pulling in my cervix causing pain. I found it really hard as you have to place 2 fingers in to try get out when there was no space in there. Even with doing what it said to press on the sides to break the seal it didn’t work as my seal was not around the vaginal canal but rather over the cervix. I almost cried because I thought I may be one of the horror cases I read about who ended up in the ER or doctors to have it removed. But I went as high up as I could reach and as trying to push it off my cervix from one side and pull from the other. Eventually it came out. I had a moment of fear not to reuse but in determined to make the switch. My cervix isn’t low it seems medium but I think the cup is large as I put it back in it as very low and lose and just pacing it in slightly it went right back on to the cervix. After an hour I took it out and did try again to keep it lower by it went back into the cervix. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. From what I’ve been reading it shouldn’t go into your cervix but form a seal around the vaginal wall. Also it’s uncomfortable this was as I can feel the constant pressure on my cervix. Could someone please give me some insight. I’d greatly appticiate it. 

Red Herring Answered question December 14, 2018