Okay,this is kind of embarrassing but I have to ask because I’m such a worry wart. I purchased a diva cup the end of this past summer, I used it a few times and stopped after the second period I had because I hated how it felt. I’ve decided to start using it again but I had it in my purse since the end of summer. My purse had broken blush powder spilled in the bottom of it and packs of creamer that I had left in my purse, it got all over my diva cup! I took it from my purse and washed it with warm water and soap and then boiled it for a little bit (I think 3-5 minutes) it didn’t have anything on it after I washed it or boiled it, which to me said it was safe enough to use, but now that I’ve used it I’m paranoid it could cause problems, should it be safe to use still since I washed and boiled it or no?

Red Herring Answered question January 13, 2020