First I got a Moon Cup. (small size) It was uncomfortable, the long rigid stem felt scrape-y, and worst of all it would get lost and I couldn’t remove it without needing to yank the stem. (I couldn’t reach the cup to squeeze the base.)

So I concluded my cervix was very high and that I needed a softer cup. I then got the Lily cup (size small) which seemed like it should be perfect based on my earlier complaints and it does definitely fit better and more comfortably, and is much easier to remove. But after some time of wearing it, it wanders off and stops collecting blood and I’m bleeding as though I weren’t wearing anything. I then give up, wash it off and put on a pad.

So, I don’t know if I need a larger cup or firmer cup, maybe both? The length of the Lily is perfect and the stem is small which is a vast improvement on the Moon.

The Yuuki was recommended in a similar question, but looking at the photos of that, it appears to have a similar long rigid stem like the Moon Cup has and that made me anxious that it was scratching up my vaginal tissue.

I’m looking at the large size standard (soft) MermaidCup but am not sure how trustworthy the company is or if the cup will actually be an improvement. (It looks like the company has cut back many color options…which makes me nervous that they’re kinda fly-by-night and might not have a quality cup, plus I loved the idea of having many color options.)


RedHerringTV Answered question February 23, 2020