I tried a no name menstrual cup and I had a lot of trouble removing it. I couldn’t break the seal and the rim was very hard. I didn’t have problems inserting it, but when getting it out (though folding it in a c-fold) it tore me, as if I was not stretchy enough down there. It hurt and I was bleeding. After a while, I decided to buy the soft lena cup. This time, I couldn’t even insert it, as it was hurting while I was trying to get it in. I removed it immediately, and started bleeding again (one full hand of normal blood, not menstrual bleeding). I am a bit terrified now to try it again and I didn’t find any information about this in the internet. Am I doing something wrong? I use tampons normally.

Thanks for your answers and my apologies for my English. It’s not my mother tongue.

RedHerringTV Answered question February 10, 2020