I am 38 and never gave birth, my cervix is very high and I have a very heavy flow. I have been using a cup on/off for the last ten years. I first had a keeper that was way too firm and would keep me from peeing and pooing. For the last few years I switched to the small diva that’s been doing ok, but is still occasionally uncomfortable (and can be difficult to pass stools), causes soreness after insertion and removal, will have slight leaks during the day and will never last through the night. I accidently burned the diva in a pot while boiling it… and I’m now looking for a new cup but feeling very overwhelmed and dont have the budget to try different ones. Thanks for all the info on your website, I was maybe thinking of the xo flow or the large oi but I am afraid they will be uncomfortable. Any thoughts ? Also, did you ever try a valve cup ?

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