I used my menstrual cup yesterday for the first time and I had some difficulty inserting the cup (organicup) but I figured it out. The problem was when I had to remove it..I tried pinching the bottom but it didn’t worked so I tried putting my index finger (I think.. I tried so many ways that I don’t know which one worked best ahah) and I broke the seal, but as I was removing it the cup kept creating vacuum when I was at the end so I pulled it out only noticing that the vacuum was there when the cup got out, opened and I felt pain. I let the pain and discomfort go away and inserted it again and the other times I was more careful and also I’m now understanding more the process (I’m a virgin so I’m also more tense and not very comfortable yet).
Now I’m concerned that due to the fact that I removed the cup with vacuum even though only at the end/entrance of my vagina if it can cause any problems like prolapse or other things.. I searched on the Internet but I haven’t found information about it.

Thank you! And happy 2020!

Red Herring Answered question January 7, 2020