Hi! I started using a Diva Cup back in December 2015. For the first year I had great success, but eventually I began having this issue where the cup would virtually always tilt to the right, and because I have a low cervix (about 1-2 inch.) it would stab right into my vaginal wall near the entrance and be quite painful! My cervix most definitely is not tilted so I’m not sure why it almost always does this. I did research and after trying different insertion methods and folds and having no luck still, I decided to purchase a cup that was shorter and bell-shaped to accommodate my low cervix as well as one that was slightly greater in diameter (I figured that might keep it from slipping to the side). I went with the Ruby Cup in Medium. At the first sign of my period (the slightest bit of spotting) I gave it a try. First few minutes after I inserted it I didn’t feel it, but unfortunately a few hours later I started feeling the stabbing pain and found it had tilted a bit… I removed it, chopped off the stem, and reinserted it as best as I could. Used my finger to feel around and make sure that my uterus was sitting right inside of it. Again, I didn’t feel it immediately, but after a few hours the stabbing pain returned and I just HAD to remove it. Its been over 15 hours and I still feel sore down there 🙁 I’m using a cloth pad at the moment but it seems my period isn’t particularly heavy just yet, and my cervix isn’t as low as it usually is anyway (only by a few centimeters…)
Here’s my question: should I consider a denser cup? I’ll be 24 in a few days, barely became sexually active about 8 months ago, and work out on the occasion, not anything too strenuous. I wonder if maybe a denser cup would keep the cup in place better? I had a little bit of trouble getting the Ruby Cup to open, and I know it’s softer than the Diva Cup. But I’m worried that if my denser cup also ends up tilting it’ll just be even more painful 🙁 Thoughts??

Red Herring Answered question June 24, 2018