Hello there,
I’m brand new to the menstrual cup, and I have tried for literal hours to get it in but I just can’t?

I have tried:
– lube
– water
– c-fold, punch-down-fold and the 7-fold
– sitting on the toilet
– leg up on bathtub
– consciously relaxing
– aiming for my tailbone

HOWEVER, every single time I manage to get it in far enough, it opens, slides back down, it does seem to create a seal however half of the cup is outside of me and I can easily pull it back out, if wait long enough it just falls out. I have measured my cervix (on my period) and I’m using the diva cup that should be the right size for me.

Please provide any wisdom you can!! Seriously struggling here and it’s extremely frustrating 🙁

Red Herring Answered question July 8, 2020