First time using a menstrual cup. I got the smallest shortest cup, (according to the internet) the MeLuna shorty. I have a very low cervix and I can barely fit one finger in, which is uncomfortable. After trying for 3 cycles, I finally got my menstrual cup in all the way for the first time using the origami fold. It was a bit painful to get in but once it was inside it comfortably opened, and I couldn’t feel it at all.

Then when I went to take it out a few hours later, I pushed down to release the suction on the cup and tried to pull it out, which hurt so bad I just put it back in. I tried again an hour later (after looking for tips online) and it came out quickly with the C fold but still hurt. It was sore for about an hour afterwards.

I know I have been putting it in at the right angle and everything, so is it possible that my vagina is just too small for a menstrual cup? I’m a bit too scared to try again at this point.

Anonymous Answered question February 9, 2021