I used a June Cup for about a week with little to no issue. My first time inserting and removing were a bit difficult…but by day two I was golden! I researched thoroughly about the do’s and dont’s of insertion and removal… so I was extremely careful about breaking the seal before removal. Needless to say the idea of uterine prolapse is incredibly frighting to me. I had a hard time breaking the seal to release the vacuum but never felt any pain, so I assumed I was doing it correctly. On my last night of my period…I may have accidentally removed my cup without breaking the vacuum seal. I didn’t feel pain while removing it (other than mild discomfort) but it took more pull than usual. It’s a few days later now and I’ve been feeling a slight tightness/pain in my lower abdomen. Could ONE incorrect removal of my cup cause prolapse/damage? Or is this all in my head? How can I tell if I’ve caused a minor prolapse to occur?

Like I said, I was extremely afraid of a uterine prolapse occurring so this could all be in my head! Any advice or further guiding questions are appreciated <3

Red Herring Answered question March 17, 2021