Hi there

I was hoping I could get some help – I bought the saalt regular soft cup recently and I don’t know if it’s me or I got the wrong size but I can’t seem to get it in. I know this is quite embarrassing but I don’t exactly know where stuff is up there so maybe I’m using it wrong. I’ve tried a few times but no luck I know it’s supposed to fully go in and you can only see the stem. But when I try you can actually see the cup and it keeps falling out and feeling uncomfortable. I’m not used to putting anything up there as I only ever use pads and never tampons. I got the regular as I have very heavy periods so I thought that be the right one. I did really want this to work as I use a lot of pads and I wanted to help the environment as well as making it more better for me. If anyone could help me that be great. I thought I’d see if I’m doing anything wrong before spending more money on a new cup.

Red Herring Answered question October 18, 2020