Hello! I have been using menstrual cups for almost a year now. I have tried a few, but so far the small Lunette is my favorite. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the cup always rides up as high as it possibly can – so high that my cervix is probably sitting inside it, which at times causes some discomfort (mild though). If you have any techniques for getting a cup to sit lower, I would be happy to hear them!

My question is, have any companies ever tried attaching something to the top of the cup that would hit the very top of the vagina (past the cervix even) and prevent the cup from moving up higher? Maybe an arch shape so it could go around the cervix instead of touching it. Just curious if anyone had ever tried this, as I would be very excited to try a cup with that design. It is so hard, if not impossible, to control the height of the cup! 🙂

Red Herring Answered question August 5, 2020