I bought a cup on amazon, i cannot remember the name of the brand… The first (and only time) I attempted insertion was agonising…
I inserted and it was so painful, I tweaked it and was moving it around to find a position that was correct and comfortable (as i had heard testimonies from women who don’t even feel it there) but that didn’t happen with me. It remained so painful that I just immediately wanted it out!
But then taking it out was also so unbelievably painful that i have never attempted it again and have just been using the washable knickers and reusable/washable pads…

Do I just have the wrong size? What did I do wrong? …..
I am now 35, never given birth and rarely and hardly ever have intercourse, I am also very small/petite so I bought a small as the options were small or large…

Any advice/help would be much apprecaited!

Thanks in advance!

Red Herring Answered question August 17, 2021