Hello! I long awaited the day I would be able to use a menstrual cup, as they are better for the environment than single-use period products, and that they are able to help with cramping, which I experience lots of.

I generally have a heavy flow (I soak an overnight pad in about 2-4 hours), but it can be lighter or heavier than usual. I purchased a Saalt Soft in Small as I have no idea the height of my cervix. I am currently 20, and I have never had penetrative sex. I have successfully inserted tampons very easily in the past (typically a Super).

After purchasing my first cup, I long awaited my next period to be able to try it. This was the first time I have EVER been excited to have my cycle!

On the first day, I found that the sevenfold method was easiest for me to get my cup in. I was able to insert it and feel around to make sure there were no folds. It felt way too high, being as I had to insert my entire finger (down to my knuckle) in order to feel around the bottom of the cup. I just let it be since I wasn’t sure if that was typical. I had excruciating cramps soon after, and figured that the cup may have been touching my cervix. I removed it, and decided I would try again the next day.

For my second day, I inserted it again, using the push-down method, trying to aim lower. It still ended up sliding up into my vagina, making the removal process even more difficult than the last. I had to get in the shower, and slide my entire finger along the side of the cup, pushing down to break the seal. I had to try to slide my finger against my vaginal wall to pull the cup out. I experienced no leaks every time I inserted/removed. Maybe my cervix is high? I’m not sure. It is petrifying for it to take 20+ minutes to remove something out of your vagina, though.

Do I need to size up? Do I need a different cup?
I really want to use a menstrual cup, but it’s hard not to feel defeated after unsuccessful attempts.

Thank you for reading!

M Answered question May 16, 2021