I just recently bought a diva cup and this is my first cycle using it, but I don’t think this experience is normal. Putting in the cup isn’t as big of a deal, I think because I can fold it up and make it smaller and easier to put in, but taking it out is an ordeal. The first time I took I out I decided to take a bath so it might make things looser and easier to get it out. It came out, thankfully, although it took a whole hour, and quite a few tears. All the advice I found during my panic told me to break the seal with my fingers at the rim, but the problem is that the opening of my vagina is so small that I can’t fit another finger to reach the top. The second time wasn’t so bad, but again when I tried to take it out today, it was so painful that I’m considering giving up. When the cup is in, it feels perfectly comfortable, although there are quite a few heavier leaks the longer i leave it in. Are cups just not for me, or is it something else?

Red Herring Answered question March 3, 2019