Hi! I use the Diva Cup 1. I am in my early 30s, never pregnant, average menstrual flow, average cervix height, slightly weak PFM.
If I’m mostly sitting, the Diva Cup works great! Stays sealed, no leaks, and stays in place. However once I start walking around or doing light movement activities, it starts slipping. I believe I have a good seal because I can feel the suction (I also run my fingers around the rim so I know it’s sealed around my cervix). It slips faster if it’s at least half full, which makes it impossible to wear for 12hrs moving around. What is my problem here? Do I need a wider cup, more narrow cup, a firmer cup, or softer cup? Would a wider or firmer cup be pushed out more easily? Would a softer cup have less suction and leak more easily? Would a more narrow cup slip more easily?
I’d love to hear suggestions on what features I should look for in a new cup. Any recommended cups would be great too!
The Diva 1 puts pressure on my bladder and urethra, so I wear it inside out. This decreases the discomfort, but the pressure is still there. I cannot empty my bladder completely until I remove the cup. Is this normal with cup use? I’ve tried multiple positions but even the best position still blocks some urine flow.
The length of the Diva 1 is ok (shorter would be better), but anything longer would be too long.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thanks in advance!!

Red Herring Answered question December 26, 2021