I’ve had a moon cup (my first menstrual cup) for about 5 months now and have got the knack of insertion/removal without any fuss but I’m having an issue with leaking.

I can put the cup in, unfold it easily and wear it fine with no leaks for a good while but then all of a sudden it starts leaking on me (not a lot, it’s more like spotting but still inconvenient). At first I thought it meant the cup is full and it’s time for a change but when I take it out it’s only half full? This has happened a few times and I can’t figure it out.

I thought maybe I had positioned the cup incorrectly but as long as I change more frequently this leaking does not happen at all. I’ve tried measuring my cervix before on the days this happens and can get my finger in to the second knuckle which I think is a medium height?

On my last period I had the nightmare scenario of a sudden flood when I stood up (soaked up my back-up pad in about two minutes) which I can only put down to the cup shifting/seal breaking as I hadn’t been wearing it long enough for it to be full. Thankfully this has only happened once but it makes me not trust my cup.

I’m also looking into getting a higher capacity cup so I can manage longer on my heaviest days but at this point I don’t know what would be best. Any advice?

Thanks for your help 🙂

Red Herring Answered question August 20, 2020