What’s the deal with cups sliding down? I have a low cervix. My first cup was a Rebel Kate set (before I learned that they didn’t have a great reputation). I couldn’t really get either the small or large to work. I have a bladder more on the sensitive side, I am not extremely active, and I do have a little bit of stress incontinence, after having 3 children. I tried a Sckoon size 1 because of the length, and it didn’t leak, but it did slide down during normal wear. I returned the Sckoon and I am currently trying a Lena sensitive size 1. Slightly longer than the Sckoon, but still a soft cup. The Lena slides down during normal wear too.  Do I need a firmer cup (which I am hesitant to get, because of the pressure I feel on my bladder), or a wider diameter rim, to keep it from sliding? I am about at my wit’s end! I desperately want to switch from tampons to a cup, but so far I am not having any success!

admin Changed status to publish July 10, 2018