Hello, I recently did the PACII quiz and got the si Bell large/LENA sensitive result. It also listed Fleurcup so after some reading I purchased the Fleurcup large.

I did a dry run to practice inserting twice and kept it in for an hour or two each time.

I got my period yesterday and have been using the cup. Inserting it with the punch down fold really comfortably and also getting used to removing it with (so far) no major problems.

I slept in it last night with no problems, really comfortable and no leaks.

My major problem is actually when I walk, no matter how well inserted, it starts to slip down and I can feel it outside my vagina in my labia and the rubbing feeling is very uncomfortable. This puts me off day time use. The stem is removed.


i had strong pelvic floor until I had my baby (16months ago) vaginally. I am still able to pause my wee on the pee test for strength but have had a couple of sneeze and leak accidents.

Any clues? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.