I’m in my late 30s, and a few years ago I went through chemotherapy. Before that my medium diva cup was great, except it was hard to get a hold of it to remove, and could have used a longer stem (or a loop, I just learned about those on your website, thanks!). After chemotherapy, I found that my vaginal wall was much thinner and very fragile. At first I couldn’t even stand inserting a tampon. I had terrible pain just from the ridges of the dry tampon. After 2 years, I was able to tolerate tampons again, but the diva cup is just too much to handle. I’ve even tried discs and had the same problem. The slight imperfection caused by the silicon being injected into a mold leaves a tiny ridge around the edge of the lip. To my finger it is nothing, to any other part of my body it would be soft and flexible, but when I inserted the cup or the disc it was incredibly painful and felt like I was being cut by that tiny ridge. Another year and I can tolerate it while inserting, but I don’t feel it anymore while it’s inside. However, tolerating the pain while inserting it is not ideal! I’m looking for a cup that’s softer and smoother, with no ridges on the lip or the stem, etc. Would you consider adding a question to your quiz about whether inserting a cup is painful, maybe in the section about what people don’t like about their current cup, maybe additionally adding questions to narrow it down to edges being painful, or the size feeling too large even when folded, snapping open too hard, etc? I feel like I will try softer cups and see if that works for me. After that I’ll try smaller ones. However, it would be great if I had a bit of help with my tender bits finding a good fit, lol. Thanks!

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