Before pregnancy I used the Lena cup an fell in love. It was definitely a life changing experience for me. I only used it a for a few cycles before getting pregnant.

This is now my first period 18 months after giving birth due to breastfeeding. I’ve had quite a bit of leaking. Day 1 was fine no leak but that night I leaked then day 2 I leaked. Night 2 no leaks and so far day 3 no leaks. I’m guessing it is because I need to get the size up. The Lena is working ok right now but I don’t feel confident that I could work out with it in or go out with it in. I do need to be better about doing my kegels

My questions are
Do I stick with the Lena cup when sizing up? I know they advertise more towards younger women and don’t really mention vaginal birth in there sizing.

Also is there and alternative brand anyone would recommend? I’ve been maybe looking at the salt cup. I’ve never measured my cervix but I know I haven’t had to trim the stem for the lena cup.

Thank You!

Red Herring Answered question April 2, 2020