Today I noticed that there was blood in my urine while I am having my period (with the cup in place). Initially I thought it was because my cup was too full and it was leaking (I had not changed it for more than 15 hours on a relatively normal flow day – day 3 – but there was no spotting on my panties). My bladder also feels full. However, even after I had emptied the cup (which was maybe 80% full), put it back and ensured it was properly sealed, I still noticed blood in my urine with some fresh blood when cleaning (no stains in panties again). There was slight pain on peeing and feels like I’ve been holding my pee for a long time. I removed the cup again and there was no blood in or around it. I’m wondering if this is unusual and if I should see a doctor. I can’t seem to find anything online about menstrual blood somehow finding it’s way into the bladder (which seems to be the case).

admin Changed status to publish August 15, 2020