I am a new cup user.  I have the Diva cup.  I am over 30 but have had no kids.  Neither am I a virgin if that makes a difference.  At any rate I have a very very heavy flow.  I have frequent problems with anemia because of my period.

I’ve never been able to use tampons.  Not even the super slims. 

Insertion goes well enough and feels at least somewhat comfortable but after just about twenty minutes it begins to hurt.  I feel incredibly bloated and god help me if I should cough or sneeze the pain is incredible.  It hurts without the dive cup to cough or sneeze while on my cycle.  It also hurts to urinate or go number 2 while on my period but with the diva cup these things becomes worse. 


My sisters all use the diva cup and so do my neices.  They all said these issues went away but this is my third cycle trying to use one.  What am I doing wrong?  Can I just not use a cup?

AnonEmouse Answered question July 22, 2021