I’m trying cups for the first time and having some problems. I went for a Saalt cup as I have a medium/high cervix and do a lot of exercise. I have positioned it as instructed (low but all internal, just passed my pubic bone) and it has opened and has good suction (scarily good!). However, when I sit down for some time it leaks. It\’s also giving me constant dull period pain, which I never normally get. Tried the larger size and that took quite some effort to open, but again it is giving me period pain and although it has opened and has good suction, it is still leaking sometimes. Oddly it seems to leak through the suction holes???

My vagina is kind of a funnel shape, and I wonder if this bell shape isn\’t working for me as the seal is on the body of the cup not the rim (this is a guess!). Also my vaginal canal points backward to my tail bone quite markedly and my cervix is tilted forwards. When I sit down I wonder if the canal becomes quite bent and so squashes the cup? I am 46 and no kids, if that helps.

Please don\’t suggest the different techniques to fold, angle and open the cup – I have experimented quite a lot and don\’t think this is the issue. TBH it is so firmly wedged, there is nooooo way I can squeeze and twist that sucker and have to use the technique of finger alongside to allow space to unfold it (or to break the suction to remove). Checked it with a tug and it seems well stuck in place.

I will perserve a few more days, but I wonder if this shape of cup just isn\’t right for me. I\’m not sure what cup to try next. If I go firmer, it might be more uncomfortable, but is softer even more likely to leak? I could go for a longer cup, as my cervix is quite high, however as it is also tilted, if I go too high I could end up positioning the cup past my cervix. I also wondered about more of a V shaped cup, or even the fun cup or lily which seem more anatomical, but then again those have no rim so not sure how good a seal you can get?

So many options – please help! ?

Red Herring Answered question June 18, 2019