hello there. I’ve been reading for hours and days all that I can to get some guidance on if I need a new cup.

i have the Lunette 2. Here is what I’m dealing with. My cup leaks badly. I believe I have it in a good position but as my cervix is very high I can’t reach to feel if it is sitting just right. I am a very heavy bleeder. I have to empty the cup up to twice an hour on my heavy days. Because of all the in and out (it also slides out when full or if I am urinating) I have soarness and some swelling. But unfortunately I am fighting it for my worst day. I laugh when I read “you can wear it up to 12 hours”. If I could get 1 hour I would be happy. It will slide lower within minutes of my placement. I think that I am swollen and can’t get it to suction or something. 

By day 3 I find that the cup has created a spot for itself that it easily slides into. 

so I’m thinking that I need a softer, bell/round cup with high capacity and no to little stem (I understand I can trim). Thanks