I discovered divacup model 1 several years ago and found it comfortable, except the stem was irritating so I cut off. It’s always been consistently difficult to urinate and occasionally I have felt a false sense to urinate. I have to contract my pelvic muscles quite a bit to empty my bladder but have no issue with incontinence. When I first started using the cup, it wasn’t a deal breaker because it was sealed tight and it worked for all my vigorous activities on the heavier first 2 days…no leaks, no problems. Now I’m pushing 38 (no childbirth, medium cervix) and the first 2 days are rough…med/heavy flow and cramping. I have leaked several times overnigh ruining sheets, clothes, and a $350 sleeping bag. I assume I need more capacity and a softer cup, but I’m an outdoorsy athlete. I want the ability to be active without access to running water on my heavy flow days (no removal/leaks) while relieving the pressure on my uthetra. I was thinking maybe a different shape cup/rim, or softer cup with a firmer rim? Wouldn’t I need a firmer cup to prevent leaks? I want comfort and capacity but need performance.

What brand/firmness/shape/size do you recommend based on my personal circumstances?

Ultimately I want to alleviate the pinched urination so I’m not forcing relief, prevent ruining my bedding overnight during heavier flow, and still be able to hit the mountain/gym/public pools with confidence.

Side question: even though I consider my pelvic floor strong, would an egg or exercises help relieve the sensitive bladder issue when using a menstral cup?

Thanks for your feedback so I can get this next purchase right!

Red Herring Answered question January 10, 2019