I\’ve been using cups for about 6 months with varying success. I have a luna and an organicup. Last month I thought I finally had it worked out but this month has been the worst yet & I\’ve resorted back to a tampon.

This time it is leaking worse than ever. I have watched numerous videos and read loads of websites for advice. I have tried different folds, different heights of placement, squatting & squeezing, twisting, wiggling & pulling. Has anyone got any magic solution??

I have read about locating your cervix but I don\’t know what to do with it once I\’ve found it?!?

I\’m 38, no children, light periods, and exercise regularly. I don\’t normally give up on things but I\’m sick of leaking which I never, ever had with tampons. Help please!

Red Herring Answered question September 11, 2019