Help! I have been using a cup for the past 2 cycles and I can\’t seem to prevent leaks.

I bought my first cup last month, the Blossom Cup, in a large because it was fairly cheap, and I knew I needed a large because I have a heavy flow (I fill up an ultra tampon in less than an hour on day 2 of my period). Anyway, the first time I used it, it was in for a few hours and I didnt feel it, and didnt experience leaking. However, getting it out was a completely different story. It took almost 2 hours of trying over the toilet, trying to relax, researching techniques. I got in a bathtub and tried to get it out but couldn\’t, and even recruited my boyfriend (the saint that he is) to try and pull it and he couldn\’t reach it. Fortunately, I was able to eventually able to slip it out. Between my long torso, short arms and high cervix, it had lodged itself up in there.

I gave up that cycle and went back to tampons and pads. Fast forward to this month. I did my research, took the quiz and got the Lily cup. I used it on my heavy days and it leaked, but I figure it was overflow. I used it again on lighter days, and the cup goes in and catches some blood, but still leaks pretty bad. I cant reach the rim of the cup when its inside me (long torso plus high cervix). I cant twist it like others have recommended. But it seems to be in place. However I cant get it to stop leaking. So I gave up on the lily cup.

Back to the blossom for days 4-6, and now I have gotten the hang on \”bearing down\” to remove it over a toilet. However, this one leaks too! I know it\’s not from over flow. And I\’ve seen the diagrams to not push it up too far past the cervix, but the thing just navigates all the way up there.

I have tried different folds, though the punch down is the only one works for insertion. The c fold is too wide for me. I\’ve also tried putting the blossom cup backwards since it seems a lot of leaking is coming from the front of the cup, but it still leaked.

Also, my pelvic bone gets in the way of insertion, making it difficult. I cant only manage to get one finger in the va-g, I don\’t know how you all work your magic to get a finger and a thumb.

Anyway, I ordered the venus today and a merula xl (should get here later this month), but I am getting frustrated. At this point I\’ve spent over $100 on cups and I just want something that works. Any advice is appreciated, but thanks for letting me vent.

Anonymous Answered question November 16, 2019