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Severe Leak Trouble with my new Menstrual Cup

Hello Ami! I'm happy to hear that someone was kind enough to gift you a menstrual cup. What a great friend/family member! However, I'm sorry to hear that you're having some leaking issues 🙁 Can you...

6 days ago5
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Best cup for high, forward-tilted cervix?

Hello! After reading through your post, I'm wondering if you're having any issues removing the cup. Is it very high when you reach for it? The Saalt Cup is an awesome cup, and so is the company, but...

6 days ago5
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99 problems and leaks are one

Hi Megan! I'm sorry to hear that you're not having any luck with either of the two cups that you've tried. I hope that you have better luck with the Venus Cup or Merula XL, but I'll give you my thoughts...

6 days ago5
Commented on a post

I'm so sorry to hear that! I normally have a medium to a high cervix and I've had to tug on it pretty hard trying to remove a few cups (FemmyCycle was one of them). Every single time was a very unpleasant...

May 14, 20192
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Lost my cup – Advice needed

Hi Sarah! Honestly, if you found the MoonCup easy to use and suitable for your menstrual needs, I get another or find something similar. These "cheapies" are often very soft in comparison to reputable...

April 12, 20195
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Did the blood in menstrual cup reverse flow while sleeping?

No. Once the blood passes through the small cervical opening, it won't flow back through. The opening of the cervix is normally so small and tight and the uterus activity works to push the blood out.

April 12, 20195
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What’s wrong?

Congratulations on making the switch! I'm happy to hear that you had some success with using your new cups at least for a few days. I'm sorry to hear that your whole first experience was 100%. For some...

March 28, 20195
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Very tilted cervix + heavy flow

Hi There! In many cases, people that claim to have a tipped/tilted, retroverted/retroflexed, prolapsed uterus and/or cervix, have said that they have better luck with a cup with a wider diameter. It takes...

March 26, 20195
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Pee in cup

Bear with me, I don't ever think someone is a "moron" and I'm not trying to be condescending. I'm simply trying to shed some light on the questioned in this forum. If you're in doubt...

March 26, 20195
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Extremely painful when removing?

Hi There! I'm happy to hear that at least some of your first experience while using a menstrual cup for the first time was successful and easy. I'm sorry that not all of it was. For some people, it...

March 3, 20195
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stem hurts

Hi Alyssia! Since you're already comfortable removing the cup without the stem, you can try turning it inside out. It's perfectly safe to use it this way if it's comfortable. If you're inserting it...

March 2, 20195
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Leaking more than gets in cup

Hi Skye! I'm so sorry to hear that you're not having any luck with the Lena Cup 🙁 I can hear your frustration. I hope that I can shed some light on what might be causing your issues. Not being able...

February 21, 20195
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Leaks even after proper insertion

Hello There! A lot of leaking at night with a half empty cup makes me believe that your cervix is sitting deep inside of the cup and compromising some of the capacity. Are you using a bell-shaped cup?...

February 18, 20195
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Ready to give up after almost a year of trying.

Hi There! I'm sorry to hear that you're not having any luck with the menstrual cups that you've tried so far.   Most people find that the Diva Cup is too firm and too long for them, so it's a bit refreshing...

January 28, 20195
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Active woman with sensitive bladder

Hi There! I'm sorry that you're experiencing some difficulties with the Diva Cup. If you have a slow urine stream, feel like you need to urinate more frequently, feel like you don't empty your bladder...

January 10, 20195
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Is my cup the right size?

First of all, congrats on deciding to take the leap to reusables! I know it's a big step and there is a learning curve, but I hope that we can help sort any issues out. I'm glad to hear that inserting...

December 14, 20185
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Safest period product

Hello There! It is very nice to hear that you're looking for something safe to use for your mother. However, every product has its own "problems". It's really up to your mother to determine what's right...

December 11, 20185
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new cups 2018

 Hello There! I personally don't have the Dot Cup.  I only knew one person who had it and they "destashed" it.   I do have the Fair Squared Cup in large and the Tampax in both sizes. FAIR SQUARED -...

December 4, 20185
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Can’t pee while cup is inserted

Hello There! WOW!  Ten years!  You had a good run of it 🙂 A lot can and will change over ten years.  Age, weight, pregnancies (if any), work duties such as heavy lifting or heavy lifting of any kind...

November 13, 20185
Posted an answer

Hi There! I've used a couple of my period undies for incontinence issues.  They seem to hold up pretty well depending on how much I've leaked 🙁  Of course if there is a large collection or a collection...

October 30, 20185
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