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Anakalia aka Red Herring got an early start in the medical field at 15 years old when she was hired by Kapiolani Hospital (Hawaii) to public speak about teen sex and the hardship of teen pregnancy & parenting. Testing out of high school early, she then went on to be valedictorian in college (medical studies). During and after college, she worked for the very OB-GYN who delivered her first child. In 1996, while searching for another product, Red Herring came across a menstrual disc. While she didn't use them consistently, it opened her eyes to alternative menstrual products for the future. Red Herring has been sharing her experience and knowledge of menstrual cups on YouTube since 2015. She has worked on or with several menstrual cup companies but chooses not to be credited. "I want to help people find the right menstrual cup for their situation. Not pressure them to buy a menstrual cup [that I might have helped with] for the sake of sales."
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Consider adding question about pain

My father just finished his first round of radiation and chemotherapy, so your post stood out to me. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve gone through so much at such a young age. But it’s nice to hear...

February 9, 2022 5
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Diva Cup 1 slips – recommended replacement?

Hello Again! Oh wow! I have heard of this, read, and watched videos of people who have Uterus Didelphys, but never actually chatted with anyone who has it, even when I worked at an OB-GYN. Since you have...

December 26, 2021 5
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My cup doesn’t collect blood inside (but doesn’t leak!)

This is a strange one. The only time that I've heard of something similar happening is with menstrual discs and not cups. Can you tell me what cup you're using that this is happening with? Maybe it's...

December 17, 2021 5
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Menstrual cup not fitting?

While a vaginal opening may be narrow, the vaginal canal can expand up to 200 times its normal size. A menstrual cup should be inserted beyond the vaginal opening. The comparison is not the same. The...

December 13, 2021 5
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Trouble with understating sizing.

Hello There! The cervix moves throughout our cycle. Some notice it and others don't. It's at its lowest point right before our period and starts to move back up during the middle of our period to its...

December 12, 2021 5
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Wont pop open

Hello There! I'm sorry that you're having issues with your cup. I know it can be frustrating when learning to use cups for the first time, but it sounds like you've put in a good effort to try to get...

December 12, 2021 5
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Are there any period panties that line all the way back?

Hi There! I can't promise that any of these will work for you, but here are a lot of brands that have coverage to the waistline or almost to the waistline. Here are a few: - Neione Period Underwear...

November 14, 2021 5
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Menstrual Cup Smells

If you have a high cervix and using a small-sized cup, the cup could be sitting up higher around your cervix allowing it to dip in and compromise the capacity. Like when you fill a drinking glass to the...

November 12, 2021 10
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Cup won’t open

Hi There! In a squatting position, aim the folded cup down and back towards your tailbone. The cervix isn't normally located straight up into the vaginal canal. Inserting it straight up can cause the...

October 27, 2021 5
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¿Puedo donarle mi copa menstrual a alguien?

¡Hola! La mayoría de las empresas están en contra de compartir o regalar una taza usada. Pero, en mi opinión, es un desperdicio tirarlo. La silicona de grado médico no es porosa y se puede hervir....

October 25, 2021 5
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Learning curve or unfit cup

Hello There! First of all, congrats on making the switch to menstrual cups! A new menstrual cup user may experience some sensation the first few times. It's different and you're still on the learning...

October 18, 2021 5
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leakage issues

Hello There! Although you've been practicing using a menstrual cup over the last few periods, I'm going to go over some common issues and how you might be able to resolve them. Bare with me if you already...

October 5, 2021 5
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Switching from Cups to Discs?

Discs are a hit or miss. Some people love them and others don't. Because they are inserted and positioned differently than a cup, they're not supposed to apply any extra pressure. However, there have...

October 3, 2021 5
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Além de esterilizar o copo antes de usá-lo da primeira vez, você não precisa esterilizar novamente a menos que precise de uma limpeza profunda. Muitas pessoas não esterilizam seus copos antes e depois...

October 3, 2021 5
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Help with cup size

Hello There! I don't have the extra small PeeSafe. I have cups that look like the small and large PeeSafe but do not have the same name. I can't say how much more the small will hold than the extra...

October 3, 2021 5
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Cup Troubleshooting (Softer Cup?)

Hello There! I have been trying to use the Lily Cup One on and off for about a year now. It’s painful to insert and remove, and is uncomfortable during wear. The times that it isn’t uncomfortable...

August 29, 2021 5
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Sore during wear

I use Organicup size A. I don’t have any problem getting the cup in or out nor opening it. But my vagina walls feels very sore after 3-4 hours in. Its a stabbing kind of pain and cramping. When i used...

August 28, 2021 5
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Menstrual cup opening halfway

Hello There! I found two ways that have helped me with more than one issue when inserting a very firm cup. 1. Insert your index finger along with the folded cup. There's a tampon that I used to use...

August 26, 2021 5
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Started using larger menstrual cup and am spotting between periods

Hello There! I'm not exactly sure what is going on there. If you continue to have spotting when you normally wouldn't, I would suggest seeking medical advice. There might be something else going on....

August 22, 2021 5
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menstrual cup slipping down throughout wear

Hello There! It sounds like you have the wrong size or shape. It not making a good seal or your pelvic floor is weakened. I would suggest trying a cup with a wider diameter or a bell-shaped cup with...

August 17, 2021 5
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