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Not a Bad Choice if You Can Get the Right Size

Qikafan panties come in two basic styles; one has a small pocket in the front for heating pad, the other has a smooth front panel with no pocket. They come in an assortment of colors, such as pink, black and blue and are sold in packs of five.

Style 1
(With a small pocket in the front for heating pad):


Style 2
(With smooth front panel with no pocket):



The Essentials

Qikafan Women’s Menstrual Period Leak-proof Panties are made from 95% bamboo fiber and 5 percent spandex. They have a water-resistant lining that’s made from 92 percent polyester and 8 percent nylon. The waterproof coverage extends in the front and back to guard against any accidental leaks during that time of the month. These menstrual panties offer seamless construction for an extra-comfy fit.

Qikafan period panties come in three sizes to fit waists measuring 23.6 inches up to 36.7 inches. These panties are sized for the Asian market, so if that’s not you, make sure that you’re aware that the sizes of these panties are about one to two sizes smaller than what you normally wear. For example, even if you usually wear a US size small, you may need to order a size large in these period panties for a proper fit.


Customer Feedback

While these are leak-proof, they aren’t particularly absorbent, so you need to wear protection like a pad, tampon or menstrual cup during your period. These give you additional piece of mind. Like one customer said, “I wish I had these years ago, my school days would have been a lot less stressful!” Most customers confirm that the sizing is very small, but that they truly do protect against leaks and are comfortable.



About the Company

I can’t find much information about Qikafan other than that they seem to be an Asia-based company that sells primarily, if not exclusively, on Amazon. They appear to specialize in women’s’ clothing and undergarments.





The Bottom Line

If you can get the sizing right— make sure to take your measurements before ordering— they are comfortable to wear and do indeed protect against leaks.

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