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Are these Period Panties or Not?

Promithi is a clothing company that also produces a period panty. Promithi Period Panties have a water-resistant lining from the gusset to the waistline. They don’t provide any absorbency, so you can’t wear them during your period without protection such as a menstrual cup or maxi pad. They have a seamless construction that’s intended to make for a comfortable fit.


The Essentials

Promithi period panties are made from 95 percent modal and 5 percent cotton. Modal is a type of rayon that’s made from cellulose derived from bamboo. Promithi period underwear come in two sizes: small and large. The small size fits those who have waists 29 inches and under. The large fits 37-inch waists and under. The sizing runs small, so make sure the waist measurements apply before you select your size. These menstrual panties come in a selection of basic colors, including pink, black and nude.


Customer Feedback

Generally, customers are not happy with this product. Many users state that these menstrual panties aren’t actually waterproof like the company claims and that the so-called leak proof layer is in fact just an extra layer of material that feels like cotton jersey. Also, the vast majority of users report that the sizing is tiny and that even the large was very snug on a US size 6.

Some people who bought these panties say that these are just regular looking panties that are made to look as if they’re period panties.



About the Company

Promithi is an online global retailer. When I click on the “about us” link on their webpage, I’m just returned to their main home page, so I’m not able to find much information about the company or its background.





The Bottom Line

While the price is low for Promithi Period Panties, I can’t give them a good rating due to the lack of a waterproof lining when they claim that it’s waterproof.

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