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The Pibella is a patented, trademarked FUD that’s made in Switzerland. It is CE-certified and FDA-approved. It is designed with a smaller opening than many other funnels to completely and efficiently encase the flow area for easy and leak-free use. It’s about 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

The Pibella is made from non-irritating polypropylene, which is recyclable. It’s meant to be cleaned under running water, and it can also be boiled when you want to sterilize it. Since it’s water-repellent, even if you’re in a situation where you’re unable to rinse it off, you can just give it a good shake, and it will be nearly completely dry.

Available in:

  • Green
  • Pearl
  • Pink



User Feedback

I could only find good reviews for this product. It appears to work as described with no specific criticisms.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Made to meet medical standards
  • FDA approved


  • High price compared to similar products


About the Company

The Pibella was first created to help women who were bedridden due to illness and who needed a urinary aid. The Pibella Comfort was created for use in hospitals as a more dignified and private alternative to using bedpans. The Swiss company created the Pibella Travel for women on the go in 2007.


Final Say: Is it Worth a Go?

This product has excellent reviews and has been used in hospitals for many years. It is a highly functional, medical-grade product. The company states this product should last for up to 20 years with proper care.


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  1. Overall Score

    I tried it in my shower a few times. The main problem is that it is painful to create a seal because the material and edge is thin and hard. If you don’t press hard to create that seal, it’s narrow opening does not encapsulate a strong flow to direct it downward instead of to overflow. (It may vary from person to person. For someone not sensitive in that area it may be fine. I’m sensitive in general. I also tried another FUD, the hard SheWee (there’s a flexi one that became available) – altho it did not hurt to press hard, it just did not shape to the body sufficiently to create the desired seal. That might be solved with the flexible version.

    + PROS: Compact and cute.
    - CONS: Hard and narrow opening.
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  2. Overall Score

    pibella works perfect. i like it.

    + PROS: just perfect
    - CONS: it is very easy.
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  3. Overall Score

    Pibella is just great and the best. I have it since years.

    + PROS: Perfect size
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