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Are They Worth the High Price Tag?

Period Panteez is a brand that’s gotten a lot of press: It’s appeared in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings, Health Magazine and on TV shows like The Real. They’ve been called trendy and seem to have something of a designer price tag at $38 a pop. But are these period panties actually worth their price? Let’s check it out.



How Do They Work?

Period Panteez look like boy shorts and have built-in layers in strategic areas to prevent leaks. They’re made from a stretchy material that that works like shapewear; they also claim that this flexible layer helps to alleviate menstrual cramps. Can compression truly help with cramps? I ran an internet search, and while I couldn’t find any scientific studies to support it, there was a lot of anecdotal evidence that a little bit of pressure on the abdomen like you would get with shapewear can indeed reduce cramping.

Period Panteez should be worn with a pad during your period, and they can even be worn with pads that have wings. Their design helps to keep the pad from shifting around, and they protect against leaks.



Special Features

Period Panteez can save you from ruined sheets and destroyed clothing caused by accidents during your time of the month. Some features of these menstrual underwear include:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Machine washable. I can’t find any instructions on how they should be dried, though.
  • Slight compression helps with menstrual cramps.
  • Boy-short design provides maximum coverage.



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Customer Feedback

A lot of customer reviews for these panties express surprise that these aren’t a replacement for pads and tampons but are meant for you to wear them as extra protection against leaks. Additionally, the material isn’t water resistant like some other brands of menstrual panties — the gusset is instead made from three layers of cotton. Some other frequent comments from users of Period Panteez are:

  • They do a good job at absorbing accidental leaks.
  • Work well at keeping pads in place.
  • New pairs of these panties have a strong chemical smell. They need to be washed several times to get rid of it.
  • They’re sized small. This could be due to the compression factor since an item that is undersized will provide more “squeeze.”
  • They’re shipped in a box that’s labeled with the words “Period Panteez.” Some women thought that was embarrassing and would appreciate a little bit more discretion.



About the Company

Period Panteez were invented by a woman who only goes by one name: Vida. A self-described, “relentless problem solver,” she had the idea for Period Panteez after buying new sheets but then having to sleep on top of a rough towel to protect the sheets from accidents during her period.

This period underwear was developed after more than five years of research and development and lots of product testing. Period Panteez are patent protected.





The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pair of period panties to help protect against accidental leaks, these seem to fit the bill. The compression factor is helpful if you suffer from cramping. The fact that the panties use layers of cotton to absorb leaks makes these panties more breathable and comfortable, but you won’t have 100 percent protection against leaks coming through as you would with items that have a PUL barrier that’s truly water proof. While the price is steep compared to some other brands, these are made in the USA from high-quality fabrics.

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  1. Overall Score

    These are very comfortable, and the boy short design is awesome. Can’t think of any complaints. The gusset doesn’t protect against heavy bleeding, but it also wasn’t designed too. It’s perfect for catching minor leaks and spotting

    + PROS: Comfortable Many colors to choose from Nice material
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  2. Overall Score

    Period Panteez are THE best period panty on the market, period!! I have tried them all and the cheaper, knock-off brands do not work, fall apart, leak and are poorly made. Period Panteez are made VERY well with super high quality fabrics in the USA!

    Of all of the period panties, Period Panteez are the most comfortable, work the BEST, help hold a pad in place (and are the only ones that do!) and prevent leakage!! They have a patented design and are invented by a healthcare professional, so she totally understands the woman’s body the best! I LOVE, LOVE mine and highly recommend Period Panteez!! They are on sale now at too! I just ordered 3 more pairs because I play sports and am a runner, and they are THE best for that as well!!

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