Period at Work – What to Do!

Isn’t it rather taboo? You know, the whole world of experiencing your period in the workplace? You have heard all the period at work stories.

How can a secretary, personal assistant or sales manager tell her boss that she can’t help running to the toilet every half hour as she has to change her sanitary pad or tampon because she’s having her period at work? Well that happens on a heavy period day, at least…

Many women want equality in the workplace, and feel embarrassed that their work performance may be affected by the fact that they are having their periods and might even have a lot of period pain at work.

Bex Baxter gave a Ted Talk about menstruation in the workplace where she quoted: “Women have an innate, natural cycle, that is intelligent, evolutionary, and life-giving. It is a power, not a problem.”

She carried on saying “true equality (in the workplace), is valuing difference, and accommodating it.”

She ends her talk about periods with “Menstruation is not solely a female issue. It affects everyone. It is the natural cycle that brings new life, and we can no longer ignore that, even at work. None of us would be here today without it, so it unites humanity, and should not separate us, which it has done for far too long. “

Period at Work: Making It Easier

At the moment, the world is experiencing a “lockdown” but things will eventually change, and people will go back to work, and when they do, they’re going to need the best in period care.

When experiencing your period at work, you’re going to go through a ton of tampons or sanitary pad changes throughout the day. Blood is constantly flowing, and if you don’t go to the toilet and change your pad or tampon, you’re just going to feel dirty.

However, when you have a menstrual cup, you only need to change it once every 12 hours. This means, when you’re at work, you really don’t have to worry about your period.

Your menstrual cup is collecting all the blood it needs to collect and eventually, you can take it out and empty the contents, rinse it thoroughly, clean it with a menstrual cup cleaner, and put it back. If you find it hard to insert a menstrual cup, you can always use a water-based lube to help ease it in.

If you have a job, especially where you hardly have time to sit down, it’s time to get a menstrual cup! It will make your life a whole lot easier.

Period at Work: When You Are Constantly Busy

According to Quartz, these are the top jobs where you’re never sitting down because you’re constantly busy:


Sitting Down Occupation
1.2% Sales Floor Stock Clerks
1.7% Food Prep. & Serving Workers
2.6% Restaurant Cooks
2.7% Fast Food Cooks
2.9% Counter Attendants
2.9 % Dishwashers
3.2% Food Preparation Workers
3.5% Maids & Housekeeping Cleaners
3.7% Waitresses
4.2% Restaurant Hosts
5% Cashier
10.7% Pharmacy Technician
16.2% Nursing Assistant
18.6% Hotel Desk Clerk
21.9% Pharmacist
23.7% Secondary School Teachers
23.8% Home Health Aides
25.5% Elementary School Teachers
32% Childcare Workers

Other professions where you don’t get much time to sit down or run to the toilet to constantly change your pad or tampon are hairdressing, make-up artistry, kindergarten teaching as well as being an in-hospital doctor, dog walker and personal trainer.

Not forgetting being a busy mom to a toddler, because you literally never have time to sit down and rest for a moment! That’s a job in itself, and one of the hardest ones at that!

There are a whole list of menstrual cup reviews you can take a look at, but we have found that the Venus Cup comes out simply at the top!

The Venus Cup

The Venus Menstrual Cup comes highly recommended and is a great choice as it comes in two different sizes, is super comfortable, and easy to order!

Your period should never get in the way of your busy day, and by wearing a menstrual cup you are saving so much time, by not having to constantly go the bathroom and insert or put on new tampons and sanitary pads.

Period at Work: Conclusion

Menstruation in the workplace is totally natural, and by keeping your menstrual cup with you in your bag, or even office desk, you are always period ready – even when you have your period at work no pads!

Lockdown will eventually end, and you can conquer the workplace with your Venus Menstrual Cup and stop worrying about your period complicating your day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to clean my menstrual cup at work?

If you need to clean your menstrual cup at work, rinse it, and use a pH-balanced soap or menstrual cup cleanser.

I have a job where I can’t access my handbag easily. Can I keep my menstrual cup in my pocket?

Yes, you can keep your menstrual cup in your pocket, provided it’s folded and kept neatly in its bag.

Can menstrual cups cause damage if I am constantly busy on my feet at work all day?

No, menstrual cups were designed for comfort and work for you. You can easily move your body any way you want while a menstrual cup is inside you.

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