PeeBuddy Full Review – Is it Worth a Go?


When you are facing an unfriendly toilet, the PeeBuddy is your best friend, says First Step Digital, the makers of the PeeBuddy. This product was developed to help women avoid coming into contact with germs in public restrooms.

It also was made with women in mind who find it difficult to use standard or squat-style toilets because of bad knees or pregnancy.

The PeeBuddy is yellow-green in color with white lettering, and it is made from coated, waterproof paper. They are folded flat, making them easy to carry with you. To use, press on the sides to pop this item open to form a funnel.

You don’t even need to drop your panties to use this. Per the company’s instructions, just move your panties aside, put the PeeBuddy in place under the “flow area” and go. Then throw away this single use item.


User Feedback

Reviewers state this item is very liberating since you don’t have to worry about facing an unsanitary restroom. It’s also great for music festivals.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Stores flat for easy carrying
  • Is inexpensively priced


  • Is labeled with PeeBuddy in large letters, so if anyone sees this in your bag, they will instantly know what it is.


About the Company

The PeeBuddy comes from a company called First Step Digital that’s based in New Delhi, India.


Final Say: Is it Worth a Go?

The marketing for this company focuses on using this item to avoid infections, such as UTIs. They state that even in clean restrooms, you can “catch an infection.” Highly unsanitary, disease-ridden restrooms, unfortunately, seem to be more common in India than in the United States.

However, many of us would still rather avoid coming into contact with public toilet seats if we can. This disposable pee funnel is pretty good.


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    The best

    + PROS: The Best! Wide with a tall backand open top so no splash back Creased base directs the flow out down a good wide tube and pointed exit so no spraying.
    - CONS: I'd like a re-usable one in silicon
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