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We reviewed PantyProp period panties a while ago. In case you don’t have time to read the full review, here’s a brief recap. These panties are designed for light to moderate flow. They’re made with a special wicking fabric designed to keep you feeling dry and comfortable while protecting your clothing from stains and leaks.

Not only does PantyProp offer several panty styles, the company also offers sleep pants, bodysuits, leggings, and swimwear. The company’s products range from size small to 3XL, and are made with antimicrobial fabric for less risk of unpleasant odor.

Now PantyProp has expanded its product line, offering unique double-sided pads that let you enjoy the comfort and security of two pads in one slim, discreet package. These pads are designed to fit right into the built-in dry-tech mesh gussets found in PantyProp period underwear, sleep pants, leggings, and bodysuits. Let’s take a closer look at this new reusable cloth pad.


How They Work

These natural, reusable cloth pads are compatible with many of PantyProp’s existing products. Whether you’re considering these period underwear or already have some on hand, the pads make a useful addition, particularly on those days when your flow is too heavy for the underwear’s built-in liner to handle. You can use them as a backup for a cup or tampon, or you can wear them on their own.

When worn with PantyProp garments, these double-sided pads provide protection from front, back, and side stains and leaks. The design is meant to offer maximum discretion and comfort, so it’s as if you’re not wearing a pad at all.

PantyProp’s reusable double-sided pads are made with a combination of soft cotton and super-absorbent cashmere wool. They are eco-friendly, machine washable, and affordable, and they are made in the USA.

These reusable pads are thinner and less bulky than standard sanitary pads, and when paired with PantyProp underwear or other compatible garments, they’re far more discreet than a standard pad. There is no crinkling sound to worry about!

This patent-pending design collects your flow and wicks the liquid away from your body, so you stay dry. The panties keep your clothing free from stains, and together, this amazing “team” of two unique products keeps you feeling comfortable without any worries about bunching, leaking, chafing, or slipping. There are no odors to worry about. Additionally, these pads are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so your period isn’t adding more plastic or PUL to landfills.

Simply add a double-sided pad to the PantyProp garment of your choice and go! Once one side of the pad has absorbed enough flow, flip the pad over and allow the other side to collect additional fluid.

These pads offer easy care. You simply machine wash them and dry them on low heat. The manufacturer does warn against using fabric softener, and mentions that drying on high heat will cause discoloration and loss of shape.


Available Options:

Double-Sided Pads Sample:

Double-Sided Pads 2-Pack:

Double-Sided Pads 4-Pack:

Double-Sided Pads 12-Pack:


Product Features:

  • Compatible with other PantyProp products
  • Both sides are absorbent
  • No itchy fabrics; fabrics are all natural
  • Each pad can be reused several times
  • Machine wash and dry on low heat
  • Material: 100% cotton outside
  • Inner Material: absorbent cashmere wool inside
  • Colors: black 
  • Estimated Price: $7 – $69


Customer Reviews:

“Hey panty prop team. You have a loyal customer here with me, already placed a new order. The leakproof stuff in your products worked for me all day, one day at work. I got caught up doing overtime and worked from 7 am to 8 pm at night last weekend and wore the underwear all day. At about 3 pm with nothing and then I added the double-sided pad in for the rest of the night. By 8 pm, I still had no leaks. I am super happy. I was at first a little dismayed when I first received the packge because it appeared to be different than what I am use to, but after being completely comfortable and no stains all day I have come to realize why it is made this way. It works!!!!!! for the most important purpose I needed it for – protection against stains, and that was definitely fulfilled with these underwear. I did not feel a thing and they were super comfy. This will be under the christmas tree for every young lady I know in my family with a period. Great job. Keep up the good job with helping those who work long hours and have menstrual cycles such as myself.”

“I just received my package in the mail and I could not wait to try them on! They look great and suprizingly are very discreet! I was nervous people would be able to tell the bottom is thicker; with the pad inside but my husband had no idea!”

“Greeeaat!!!!! I love your products, you have a customer for life.”

“I Absolutely LOVE them, no complaint, and your customer support team is wonderful in every way, you guys answer very quickly and thorough.”

“This has to be the best customer service I have ever dealt with, they answer very very quickly. The product I purchased was great also. I got the 4 panties bundle because it was a a great value, i wore one so far and they are great, they wrked and felt comfortable. I like them alot.”

The Bottom Line

PantyProp double sided reusable pads may be new to the company’s lineup, but so far, they’re receiving great reviews from customers who are as pleased with the customer service as they are with the products. Absorbent and leak-proof, these are the ideal complement to PantyProp period panties. If you are looking for an alternative to standard pads and tampons, or a reliable backup for your menstrual cup, it’s safe to say that you can order with confidence.


Where Can you Buy Panty Prop Double Sided Pads?

  • Official Website:
  • Prices on Company’s Website:
    $7 – $69
  • Limited Offers: 
    Get 5% OFF with “MCR” Coupon Code.
    Try PantyProp’s subscription service to save time and money. Choose between convenient 3-packs and 5-packs
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    Terrible product and company. Ordered a bundle set, all leaked. Customer service would not stand behind product, told me to “have a nice day” with no resolution. Company edits online reviews – deletes negative feedback and blocks customers that have had bad experiences.

    + PROS: The idea
    - CONS: Products don’t work, misleading advertising, terrible customer service, shady and misleading review practices
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