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Are These Disposable Period Panties a Hit or a Miss?

PantiePads are disposable period panties that are made from breathable, hypoallergenic fabric. They have a built-in pad that stays in place without bunching and the integrated pad can absorb 10 times its weight. You can wear this menstrual underwear all during your period especially on moderate to heavy days.

The PantiePads company also sells a period panty called UndiePads that costs a few dollars more than the PantiePads and features unique spandex fabric for an extra “hug” when worn.



How Do They Work?

Many brands of menstrual panties require you to supply your own pad. PantiePads have the highly-absorbent, extra-long pad built right in. Additionally, since they’re disposable, they don’t create any extra laundry. PantiePads offer all day protection and are made from a comfortable, breathable fabric. The level of protection offered by PantiePads and UndiePads is the same; however, UndiePads have spandex woven into them, so they provide a more controlled fit and are better suited to be worn under tight or fitted skirt and pants. Each PantiePads comes with a Toss-n-Go bag for easy, discreet disposal.



Special Features

PantiePads and the Toss-n-Go bags are made from biodegradable materials that are designed to have zero impact on the environment. Some other characteristics of these period panties include:

  • They look like regular panties.
  • The built-in menstrual pad is specially designed to prevent leaks both side to side and back to front.
  • The pad is guaranteed to stay in place and not bunch.
  • They provide protection against leaks for as much as 12 hours.
  • After use, just throw them away.



Customer Feedback

Customers valued this period underwear for its absorbency, saying it provides “excellent protection.” It’s great when you wear these that you don’t have to run to the bathroom frequently to check if it’s time to change a pad or tampon. Customers also like the convenience of PantiePads because you just put them in the disposal bag and throw them away — no worries about having to wash them or prevent set in stains.

Other customer comments include:

  • PantiePads are perfect for heavy
  • It’s a great product to wear if you’re always on the go.
  • It absorbs better than any other pad.
  • It’s much longer than standard overnight pads.
  • They run large; you may want to order a size down from your regular size.
  • The fabric is flimsy.



About the Company

PantiePads is based in Tarzana, California and has been trademarked since 2012.It looks like UndiePads was the first model that was being sold as far back as 2010.






The Bottom Line

If you want the extra protection of a period panty without the hassle of extra laundry, PantiePads might be the product for you. The downside is that the price of buying them will add up over time, unlike reusable period panties that can be washed and worn again and again.



Where Can You Buy PantiePads?

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  1. Overall Score

    I just bought them last month for the first time. Love it! They work great and I don’t have to worry about leaks. Very comfortable and very convenient for night time and traveling

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  2. Overall Score

    These are great because they are a one time use and there’s no washing involved. They also give me the best and longest protection. I feel dry and comfortabe the entire time I have them on.

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  3. Overall Score

    These were not at all what I was expecting. They felt more like paper than cotton and were ill fitting. The “built in” pad was just a wide, thick maxi pad sewn in. That actually seemed like it was just made of cotton and not normal maxi pad material. It was wide and not contoured on the sides, so it bunched in the middle. And the description says that the pad was extra long, but it seemed like a normal length pad to me. I took them off about 5 minutes after putting them on because they were so uncomfortable. They do not compare AT ALL with the Thinx panties. I was interested in these because of the low cost and because they are disposable. I’m going to go back to using ones that are more like real underwear.

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    • Overall Score

      Ok. So I need to amend my review… lol!! I ended up wearing these because I was in a pinch. The new panties that I ordered hadn’t arrived yet, so I wore these. And they were a lot more comfortable than I expected!!! Maybe because my expectations were very low… I had read some other reviews about these, saying they were good for travel, and I agree because they are disposable have the handy bag to put them in after they are used. I still don’t think they compare to the other brands (i.e. Thinx) but I am actually considering keeping these on hand for travel!

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    • Overall Score

      I use UndiePads period underwear and they feel great. Have been using them for years. Form fitting and a really good pad that protects for a much longer time then any other pad. I’m not sure if you tried them but they really do feel like regular underwear. They are nothing like Thinx which are more for protection and need washing after each use.

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