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Organi Cup Sizes and Models

The Organi Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Denmark. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Organi Cup
Small (A)
40 mm
65 mm
49 mm
16 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Organi Cup
Large (B)
45 mm
70 mm
53 mm
17 mm
30 ml
36 ml
4 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
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Menstrual cups are better for your health, body, and mind. They provide you with certain freedoms that tampons and pads do not. They are overall much cheaper in a life-span than any other menstrual aid product, are clean and healthy for the environment, and ultimately safer than tampons (which pose the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.)

The Organicup is made in Denmark, and distributed to all countries across the board. It is available in a clear design, is made from medical-grade silicone, and is available in 2 sizes (A&B). The Organicup has been well-received on the market by women of all creeds, races, ages, and origins- but does it have what it takes to become your #1 menstrual cup choice?



Organicup Specs & Sizes

The Organicup, menstrual cup is a European based menstrual cup that was designed in Denmark. It features a clear hue, and is made from safe silicone. It is of medium firmness and softness, consists of a pronounced ridge rim, measuring lines, grooved solid stem, and has large holes in the rim for easy cleaning. Your purchase of the Organicup includes instructions, an organic cotton storage pouch, and a single Organicup (in whatever size you select.)


Organicup Sizes and Model Specs

The Organicup comes in 2 sizes:

Size A
Size A is designed to be smaller in diameter, length, and capacity to accommodate women who have not had a child vaginally, or women who are under the age of 30.


Size B
Size B is designed to be larger in diameter, length, and capacity to accommodate women who have had a child vaginally, or women who are over the age of 30.


If the stem is too long for you, the Organicup stem can be trimmed down to customize a better-suited fit.



Organicup Special Features

The Organicup is uniquely designed and boasts some appealing special features that you should be aware of.

While in search of the best menstrual cup for you, consider the following attributes of the Organicup.

  • Can be reused again and again for up to 10 years
  • Features a solid, grooved stem for easy removal
  • Ideal firmness to softness ratio makes it easy to fold and insert
  • Adequate capacity (23ml in small size A, 33 ml in large size B)
  • Designed very much like the Lunette in appearance, quality, form, and firmness
  • Open availability Internationally across the board of the Globe
  • Prominent firm rim for great sealing and suction for preventing leaks
  • Large holes in the rim that prevent the trapping of residue, easy to clean


Organicup Pros

One of the softest cups made to day – In many reviews that were posted online about the Organicup it was emphasized that this menstrual cup is very soft such as the Lunette. Women who like comfort, and who are familiar with using menstrual cups tend to like the softer menstrual cups such as the Organicup.
Great customer service experiences – Consumers experiences with the customer service of the Organicup were very pleased with the way that their concerns and inquiries were handled by the Organicup staff.
Pops open seamlessly because of the taut rim – The rim on the Organicup is very firm and prominent- this seemed to be one main feature of this specific menstrual cup that many reviewers and users liked most.
Stem is grippy, but stretchy for easy removal – The stem on the Organicup is solid but is pliable enough that it is not uncomfortable according to many buyers of the Organicup.
Easy to clean because of large rim holes – The Organicup contains large holes on the rim that many other menstrual cups do not have. This was mentioned in a few reviews as users liked how east this cup was to clean.


Organicup Cons

Price of the Organicup Steep for Some – The price of the Organicup was mentioned a few times in forums on discussion of the Organicup’s price. Some women were put-off by the price tag of this menstrual cup and considered it to high in comparison to other brands that may be more inexpensive and suited for their budget.


Organicup Customer Remarks and Comments


Organicup FAQS

We understand that when in search of the best menstrual cup that you need certain questions answered and addressed. We have done so below to provide you with as many details you need to know about the Organicup, menstrual cup.
How long can the Organicup last?

The Organicup boasts a shelf-life of up to 10 years.

Can the Organicup be worn with an IUD in place?

Yes. You can wear the Organicup safely while having an IUD or a Nuvaring.

How often should I empty the Organicup?

You should empty the Organicup when it is full (this may take some patience to learn according to your flow how often it should be emptied.) However, the menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours without problems.

Can I swim, bike, and wear the Organicup without leaks?

Yes. The Organicup provides you the freedom to do whatever activity you want while participating in activities. It can provide you the best protection and be worn all night as well!

Will the Organicup cause any vaginal irritation?

The Organicup is hypoallergenic and totally safe. It should cause no irritation, infections, or adverse effects.

What should I do if the Organicup leaks?

If your cup is leaking 1.) Consider if you have it inserted properly 2.) Check to see if it may be damaged 3.) You could be using the wrong size for your body type.

Can I return the Organicup if it is faulty or in the wrong size?

Because the Organicup is used intimately used the manufacturer does not allow you to return it. However, the company does stand-by its product and will work with you if you are dissatisfied with the Organicup or if you need something else- we suggest you contact customer service for more information to find out what the company will do for you.

How do I clean and sterilize my Organicup?

The Organicup should never be sterilized with a dishwasher. However you can boil your Organicup in a pan or pot to sterilize it without worry. When in use, wash the Organicup with gentle soap and water. In public use tissue or a cloth to wipe it out when running water is limited.

I just had a baby vaginally, can I wear size B safely?

Within 6 weeks of giving birth to a child it is not advised to use the organicup for menstrual protection- only pad should be used. Inserting something into the vagina can cause infections, irritation, and trauma right after birth.


Organicup Company Profile

The Organicup was designed in Denmark, and is a European manufactured menstrual cup much like the Lunette. It has been on the market for a short time-span and the cups debut date it unknown. However, more and more people are finding the Organicup to be a decent menstrual cup brand. The company does stand behind the quality of the cup and works with customers to make certain they are provided an ultimately satisfactory experience.


Organicup- Bottom Line

Since their innovation several decades ago, menstrual cups have been pushed to the wayside, however the menstrual cup’s recent emergence back into the mainstream has resulted in more women becoming fully aware of how much better menstrual cups are than any other feminine protective product.

The Organicup is one more menstrual cup brand that has emerged to change the tainted outlook of menstruation and supplies the average consumer with yet again- another viable menstrual cup in a design which could prove ideal for many women in search of the perfect menstrual cup for them.


Where to Buy Organicup

The Organicup is available openly throughout vendors and retailers online and off. You can purchase the Organicup through these most trusted seller listed at the top of this page.

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  1. Overall Score

    As many women feel, I only wish I knew these existed years ago. First of all – it’s reusable. I don’t have to spend loads of money on buying tampons and pads (which irritate my skin and ruin my health anyways), it is immensely good for the environment as you don’t throw away loads of non-degradable pads every month and the use is so easy. It hurt a little for me, but I’m so pleased with it I can’t even begin to describe. Do not hesitate to try it, it’s perfect, I promise.

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  2. Overall Score

    I love my organicup. I am a virgin, and but didn’t have any problems inserting the a-cup. However you are a bit clumsy in the beginning and should expect using a little time to insert and emptying it the first times. this is my second menstrual period with the cup and i feel like I am getting the hang of it. A good tip when removing it is to slide a finger above the edge and inside the cup to break the vacum, makes it a lot easier to remove it. When inserting it i turn it a few times in sircles by making sircles around the stem and edge of the cup to make sure its in a good position. I also got a tip of cutting the stem a bit, mine was sticking out a bit.. after that it was a lot easier. If you have problems inserting to fingers you probably will have a problem inserting the a-cup 🙂

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  3. Overall Score

    This is the first period I use Organicup and I’m already a statisfield customer. The first time I brought in the cup was a bit uncomfortable, but within a few days I get the hang of it. I don’t think I will use anything else inthe future. It’s great knowing I’m doing something for the enviroment as well.

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  4. Overall Score

    Most horrible product i have ever used in my whole life. DONT BUY THIS AWFUL THING PEOPLE. unless you like to be in paint and love to feel humiliated, in That case it’s awesome.
    This thing is huge and I dont think it’s EVER coming out again. The instructions say ‘you could move it a little so it will come out easily’ HOW ?!?!?!? Maybe it’s great for people with a huge vagina but otherwise. It’s undoable my god

    Helpful(8) Unhelpful(60)You have already voted this
  5. Overall Score

    I’m fairly environmentally friendly of me so I thought this product would be perfect for me. I bought two just to have a spare and I wish I hadn’t. I’m glad it’s working for some women but I bought size A (the supposedly small size) and it was painful to use. I read the instructions carefully, folded it correctly, used a little lube, and it was still painful to put in, and it wouldnt fold out once inside. Ive used tampons for years so I know how to put things in at the correct angle etc, but when i pulled the organicup out there were a few drops of blood. I’m a virgin but the product never specified anything about women who had never had sex…. Just age and whether or not they had given birth, so I thought i would be fine. It’s a good idea but just be cautious if you’re petite or a virgin, as even size A might be too big for you.

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  6. Overall Score

    Easy to use and clean

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(6)You have already voted this
  7. Initially, I was very sceptical and nervous of trying the organic up and put it off for ages. My only wish now is that I had heard of menstrual cups sooner. It has changed the whole experience for me for the better. Am telling all the women in my life about it.

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