Nixit vs Lumma ‘Unique’ Menstrual Discs Comparison


Although there aren’t very many menstrual discs to choose from on the market, their popularity has increased more so than ever before.  Menstrual discs, like menstrual cups, are an alternative period product that is worn internally to collect menstrual flow.  While menstrual cups can consist of a rim, secondary rim (some cups), body, base, grip rings, and stem, a menstrual disc looks more like a diaphragm and consists of a rim and collection reservoir. 

Menstrual discs have one bonus; you can use them for mess-free sex while on your period.  

Yep!  That’s right!  No more stained sheets, or cleaning up sticky, blood-crusted thighs!

NIXIT vs. LUMMA ‘UNIQUE’ | Comparison

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The Canadian-based Nixit menstrual disc first made its appearance in early 2019.  It was quickly compared to the Ziggy Cup (by Intiminia) because of its similar rim design.  It’s made of ultra-soft silicone and is reusable. 


Unique Menstrual DiscThe Unique menstrual disc is manufactured in Brasil and was only available to its residents when it first launched.  It soon made its way to the USA and then to the UK where sales were conducted through a Facebook group.  Soon after, the company found vendors all over the world to carry their products.  The Unique is quite unique in the sense that they are the only discs to be offered in different sizes.  This disc is also made of silicone and is reusable.

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How to Decide Which One is Right for you


Unlike a menstrual cup, a menstrual disc is pinched in the center to create a figure 8 shape.  It is then inserted next to the cervix (the vaginal fornix) closest to the rectum.  The remaining end of the disc is pushed up and tucked above the pubic bone.

The disc should not be felt when it is properly placed, nor should it slide out when you bear down (push with your pelvic floor muscles). 

Nixit Menstrual Disc – Like all but one menstrual disc, the Nixit is a “one-size fits all” disc.  Because a menstrual disc is inserted and positioned differently than a menstrual cup, it’s said that the single size should fit everyone.  However, it doesn’t seem the case in reality.  There have been reports of users who state that the disc feels too long, wide, or big, to fit comfortably.  Some users even state that they can’t insert the disc completely.

Unique Menstrual Disc – The Unique is the only menstrual disc (at the time of this article) to offer more than one size.  In fact, they offer three!  A small, medium, and large, to accommodate various cervical heights.


While the rim and body of a menstrual cup may have more area of contact and apply pressure to sensitive areas, a menstrual disc only has a rim to worry about.  Although the rim is situated differently than a cup, it can still add extra pressure to the urethra or bladder making it uncomfortable for some users.

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The Nixit is made of ultra-soft silicone but the rim of the Nixit is a soft-medium firmness.  However, the wide diameter makes it feel softer than it is when trying to get this cup inserted and opened.  It is the softest menstrual disc offered on the market.  People who have experienced extreme urethral or bladder sensitivity may prefer this disc. 

Unique Menstrual Disc – The Unique is the firmest out of the reusable disc choices.  However, it is still considered a medium firmness and is easier to handle when inserting and positioning over soft or ultra-soft silicone.


The reservoir is where the menstrual flow is collected and contained until the disc is emptied.  This area is very thin and flexible and is how it is possible to have penetration without obstructions. 

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The collection reservoir on the Nixit is ultra-soft like a flower petal and very thin and flexible like a balloon.  

Unique Menstrual Disc – The collection reservoirs on the Unique is different than the rest of the discs offered on the market.  Although the reservoir is softer than the disc’s rim, it is still on the firmer side.  This detail may help the reservoir to open up more easily as it’s being filled with menstrual flow.  It is still soft enough that it is pliable and should not be felt by you or your partner.

Although menstrual disc companies claim that their disc holds a very high capacity, it might not always be the case.  The reservoir is so lightweight that it may stay wrinkled when it is placed inside of the body and would compromise the capacity of when the measurement is taken while it is outside of the body and fully expanded.

Special Features

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The Nixit features a double rim.  According to the company, it is to ensure that the user has a leak-proof experience.

While the double rim may help against leaks (I didn’t leak while using it but I can’t say with certainty it was because of the double rim), it created a dragging feeling during removal.  For a lack of better words, it felt like sandpaper against my sensitive tissue.  A water-based lubricant may eliminate this feeling, but I didn’t try it at the time.

Unique Menstrual Disc – The Unique is the only of its kind to include a long stem to help the user locate the rim during removal.  

The stem of the Unique is very thin.  I’m fearful that if it’s pulled too hard, it will break.  It should be used to locate the rim but not to remove the disc.  If the stem is not needed, it can be trimmed or cut off completely.

More to Consider

  1. Price – The Nixit costs $49 for a single disc, while the Unique offers two discs with the option of two sizes for $42.
  2. Availability – Both of these discs may or may not be found on popular selling platforms such as Amazon or eBay, or through 3rd party vendors who may or may not ship to your country.
  3. Reusable vs Disposable if applicable – Both of the discs are reusable for at least up to two years with proper care.

Similar Discs – Alternatives to Nixit and Lumma Discs

Nixit Menstrual Disc – If you’re looking for something similar to the Nixit, the Ziggy “Cup” also has a double rim and is ever so slightly firmer, but not by much.  The Ziggy Cup is an ergonomic design and is more of an oval than a circle.  

Unique Menstrual Disc – There are no other discs easily obtainable that are exactly like it.  The three sizes and stem set this cup apart from the rest. 

If you’re looking for a disc firmer than the Unique, the SoftDisc or Flex Disc would be the firmer option.  However, it is not made of silicone and is not reusable.  The SoftDisc/Flex Disc has the same diameter as the largest Unique Disc.


Although the Nixit is one of the most expensive menstrual products on the market, some users may need the ultra-softness for comfort reasons. The double rim feature may also give users the confidence that their disc will not leak throughout the day. 

The Unique Disc offers a size for all menstruators no matter what their cervical height.  They also include a handy stem to locate the disc if it is needed or can be trimmed if not.  Their affordable price for two discs makes this a good deal for new or avid users and may be the perfect firmness to fold and insert over softer options.

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