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The hype over the Canadian-based menstrual disc first appeared in 2018.  It was then reviewed by a popular YouTube channel as early as April of 2019, who may have been given early access.  The rest of the world seemed to wait a little longer. In any case, people begin to compare this disc to the Ziggy Cup for its similarities.

The Nixit is a reusable menstrual disc made of ultra-soft silicone and has a double rim feature that ensures a leak-free period.  Like all discs on the market, it can also be worn during penetrative intercourse while on your period.

The Nixit can be found in their online shop for $49.  While the cup itself is a light pink, the consumer can choose the box color.

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Nixit Menstrual Disc (Menstrual Cup) | Review

What’s Included

The Nixit arrives in a hard, flip-up cardboard box, along with a cloth pouch, and a user manual.

Who is it Meant For? – The Nixit is only available in one size.  According to the company, the ultra-soft silicone and unique shape are a one size fits all design that conforms to your body.  

I can’t comment on how this fit since I didn’t have any issues with that, but I have not read a lot of complaints about this specific problem either. 

How it works

Unlike menstrual cups, the disc is pinched at the center and then inserted beyond the cervix into the vaginal fornix nearest to the rectum and tucked above the pubic bone.  The soft reservoir collects menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours. 

Special Features

Type of material –  The Nixit is made of ultra-soft medical silicone.  The reservoir is balloon-like to the touch.  However, the texture of the silicone is a little on the grippy side (not completely smooth).

Rim – The rim of the Nixit is a perfect circle that springs back to its original shape.  The double rim design ensures that the user has a leak-proof experience.

While the double rim may have helped against leaks (I didn’t leak while using it but I can’t say with certainty it was because of the double rim), it also created a dragging feeling during removal.  For a lack of better words, it felt like sandpaper against my sensitive tissue.  A water-based lubricant may eliminate this feeling, but I didn’t try it at the time.

The rim diameter is 70 mm.  Although it may seem wide, discs are folded and positioned differently than a standard menstrual cup.  

Reservoir – The reservoir is an ultra-thin film that collects the menstrual flow.  While it holds a high capacity fully expanded, users have found that this is not always the case.  When the disc is inside of the body, the film is so lightweight that it may stay wrinkled.

The reservoir is as soft and pliable as a balloon.  It should not be felt by you or your partner while using this cup during penetrative intercourse. 

Firmness of rim – The rim of the Nixit is a soft-medium firmness, but the wide diameter makes it feel softer than it is when trying to get this cup inserted and opened. 

Out of all of the menstrual discs available to me in the USA, this is has the softest rim.  Personally, the ultra-soft rim has made it difficult for me to insert correctly without several tries.  The end that was not inserted first would fold to the side which made me need to reposition my grip and fold the cup again.  Sometimes I needed two hands to stabilize the cup while inserting it.

Firmness of reservoir – The reservoir material is a very thin film. It feels like rubbing a balloon between your fingertips.  Since it is so lightweight it may not fully expand while it is in place. As mentioned before, it should not be detectable by you or your partner if used while having penetrative intercourse.

Size (only one has different sizes) – This disc is only available in one size.  According to the company, the ultra-soft silicone and unique shape are a one size fits all design that conforms to your body.  

Capacity – The Nixit holds a maximum of 70 ml.  However, many users feel that this is a false claim as the collection reservoir may not fully expand to hold that capacity while it’s inserted.

Colors –

Detailed User Manual

The site has a brief step-by-step walkthrough on how to use the disc with basic illustrations and animated images.  It also includes information on where it should sit and a 3-month practice plan. 

Alternatives to the Nixit Menstrual Disc

Ziggy Cup – Although the name indicates “cup”, the Ziggy Cup is actually disc-shaped.  However, the Ziggy Cup is an ergonomic design in which it is more of an oval than a circle.  The Ziggy Cup also has a double rim feature but the rim is slightly firmer than the Nixit.


While the impending hype of the new disc grew before it launched, the excitement tapered down when the price was revealed.  This is one of the most expensive period products on the market.  This is indeed a reusable product that will save you money over the long run, but the initial purchase might be a shock for many potential users.

The cup itself is light pink but the consumer can choose the box color. Since most people would toss the initial packaging, something more simple may have lowered the overall cost.  At least then it wouldn’t seem like such a dilemma for people who may be on the fence about the price.

As for the disc itself, it’s so soft that I had a hard time getting it inserted without some adjustments.  It posed more work than I like when dealing with my period protection.  Once the disc was properly placed, I had no issues but removal was uncomfortable.  It felt as though the cup was dragging against my sensitive tissues, like a dry tampon on the way out.

Overall, if you don’t have issues with very soft menstrual cups, then this disc might also work well for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nixit?

The Nixit is a reusable menstrual disc that is made of ultra-soft silicone.  It is worn completely internally to collect your menstrual flow for up to 12 hours.  This disc can be worn undetected for mess-free penetrative intercourse.

How do you insert Nixit?

The Nixit is pinched at the center and then inserted into the vagina back towards the tailbone.  It is then tucked above the pubic bone.  As with all menstrual discs, suction is not needed to keep it in place.

Is the Nixit Disc FDA registered?

Yes, the Canadian-based manufacturer is up to date with their FDA registration.

Is the Nixit Disc safe to use?

The Nixit is safe to use for up to 12 hours before it needs to be removed and washed.  You can re-insert the cup immediately after or store it away for your next period.

  1. If you have a tilted uterus: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    if you have a fallen floor: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    If you have a small vagina: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    if you are used to good customer service: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    No where on the box did it give dimensions. I love the philosophy of its style but it’s diameter is WAY to large for me, I NEVER would have bought it if I knew how large it was and how poorly they would support with repeated emails that just kept saying “we can offer you guidance and support” How about my money back Nixit?

  2. I recently saw that Nordstrom sells a handful of reusable menstrual products, including the Nixit. I confirmed with their customer service team that it can be returned, if necessary. Just a heads up!

  3. The NIXIT may work for you but it absolutely did NOT work for me, no matter what I tried!! I contacted them and they left me hanging while giving them the most intimate details of how I was trying to use this thing! They said they could help me make it work and then disappeared! Useless and rude! Do not get one as you cannot be sure it will fit/work!! $$$$

  4. Be very careful. If you are unsuccessful in using this cup, there is no way to refund. I tried to use it for several cycles and used every tip, trick and advise offered on their website and from their staff. At the end they said “Due to the nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns or issue refunds. If you ever want to try it again and we can offer you some more tips, please do let us know!” For the amount of money they are making off of this little piece of silicone, you think they would take care of their customers. After not getting a response via review and email, I finally had to take it to social media to get a response.
    DivaCup all the way!

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