Nixit Disc Vs Ziggy Disc – Menstrual Discs Comparison


Although there aren’t very many menstrual discs to choose from on the market, their popularity has increased more so than ever before.  Menstrual discs, like menstrual cups, are an alternative period product that is worn internally to collect menstrual flow.  While menstrual cups can consist of a rim, secondary rim (some cups), body, base, grip rings, and stem, a menstrual disc looks more like a diaphragm and consists of a rim and collection reservoir. 

Menstrual discs have one bonus; you can use them for mess-free sex while on your period.  

Yep!  That’s right!  No more stained sheets, or cleaning up sticky, blood-crusted thighs!

NIXIT vs. ZIGGY | Comparison

Nixit Menstrual Disc – Nixit is the softest menstrual disc available at the moment (2020).  It is made in Canada and made of ultra-soft, reusable silicone.  While the choice of packaging color is offered during checkout, the disc itself is only available in the color light pink.  

Ziggy Cup – Although the name includes the word “cup”, the Ziggy Cup is considered a disc and is brought to us by Intimina. The same company who makes the Lily Cup line and other intimate products.  

The Ziggy Cup is manufactured in China, made of soft silicone, and is the first reusable menstrual disc to be offered worldwide.  It is only available in the color dark pink.

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How to Decide Which One is Right For You


Unlike a menstrual cup, a menstrual disc is pinched in the center to create a figure 8 shape.  It is then inserted next to the cervix (the vaginal fornix) closest to the rectum.  The remaining end of the disc is pushed up and tucked above the pubic bone.

The disc should not be felt when it is properly placed, nor should it slide out when you bear down (push with your pelvic floor muscles). 

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The rim of the Nixit menstrual disc measures 70 mm in diameter and is a perfect circle shape when no pressure is applied.  

Ziggy Cup – The rim of the Ziggy Cup measures 75 mm long and 65 mm at the sides.  This disc is ergonomically designed which causes it to be oval.  This design is said to provide the user with a better fit.

Both the Nixit and Ziggy menstrual discs only come in one size. According to the companies, because a menstrual disc is inserted and positioned differently than a menstrual cup, a single size should fit everyone. However, there have been many reports of users not being able to insert the disc comfortably or completely. These users state that the disc feels too wide or big.

Rim Firmness

While the rim and body of a menstrual cup may have more area of contact and apply pressure to sensitive areas, a menstrual disc only has a rim to worry about.  Although the rim is situated differently than a cup, it can still add extra pressure to the urethra or bladder making it uncomfortable for some users.

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The rim of the Nixit may be considered a soft-medium but the wide diameter compromises the overall firmness during insertion.

Ziggy Cup – The rim of the Ziggy Cup can also be considered a soft-medium but it is slightly firmer than the Nixit. 

Both companies describe their discs as being made of “ultra-soft” silicone. Although users with a sensitive urethra, bladder, or bowel may prefer either of these discs for their softness, it may cause difficulties when trying to insert and position them. The wide diameter can also make the disc feel softer than the silicone first suggests.  If a soft disc is needed, the user may need to make some adjustments to their insertion process.


The reservoir is where the menstrual flow is collected and contained until the disc is emptied.  This area is very thin and flexible and is how it is possible to have penetration without obstructions. 

Nixit Menstrual Disc – The texture of the collection reservoir on the Nixit is as soft as a flower petal and very thin and flexible like a balloon. There are no patterns or markings on the reservoir except a dimple of where the silicone starts or stops (similar to the top of a balloon).

Ziggy Cup – The Ziggy Cup’s reservoir is thin, lightweight, and velvety.  It features a honeycomb pattern in which the purpose is unknown.  Because of the Ziggy Cup’s design, you will notice that one side of the disc’s reservoir is deeper.  This side should be inserted first and is to accommodate the cervix.

Neither of the reservoirs should be detected by you or your partner during use or penetration.


Nixit Menstrual Disc – The Nixit menstrual disc holds 70 ml at full capacity.

Ziggy Cup – The Ziggy Cup holds 76 ml at full capacity. 

While these are considered high capacity, it should be taken into consideration that this measurement was done outside of the body with the reservoir fully expanded. 

Both reservoirs are lightweight and may stay compressed or wrinkled during use.

Some menstrual disc users have mentioned that their disc leaks sooner or more frequently than a standard menstrual cup with a lower capacity.

Special Features

Nixit Menstrual Disc – Nixit features a double rim design that is said to ensure that the user has a leak-proof experience.

Ziggy Cup – The Ziggy Cup also has the same double rim design, but again, is an oval-shaped ergonomic design that has a front-side and back-side.   This design is supposed to give the user a more comfortable fit and will need to be inserted in a specific way to be worn as intended.

More to Consider

Price – Nixit costs $49 for a single disc which makes it one of the most expensive menstrual collection products on the market.  

The Ziggy Cup can be found for an average of $39.99 but has been seen for less on various selling platforms or on sale.  

Availability – Both companies have a website where the discs can be purchased. The Nixit can also be found at Urban Outfitters, while the Ziggy Cup can be found through various online vendors, selling platforms, and in some brick and mortar stores.

Reusable vs Disposable if applicable – Both of the discs are reusable for at least up to two years with proper care.

Similar Discs

The Nixit and Ziggy Cup are the most similar discs to each other in comparison to any other few discs on the market. If you’re looking for a disc that is firmer or a disc that offers different sizes, the Unique menstrual disc would be a good place to start.


Even though the Nixit is a circle and the Ziggy Cup is an oval shape, there’s not much difference in how they fold, insert, and position.  Keep in mind that the Ziggy Cup will need to be inserted with a specific side first, but the motions are the same thereafter.

Their softness makes them the preferred discs for individuals who have a sensitive bladder and/or bowel but have caused difficulties for many during inserting and positioning.

If you can work around the softness, both of the discs are a nice addition to menstrual protection, whether you’re using them during penetrative sex or not.

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