Nixi Reusable Pads by Bumkins – Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Niki reusable pads are another pad that’s offered by a maker of cloth baby diapers and other baby products. It does seem like a natural progression for cloth diaper manufacturers also to provide for the moms, but even if you aren’t a mom, you might like these cloth menstrual pads. This is a basic brand of pads that are made in only one color. Since they come from a large manufacturer, you can expect consistency in the product.

Special Features

Nixi reusable pads are made from a recycled polyester microfleece, with an inner terrycloth layer and a polyurethane laminated fabric (PUL) for waterproofing. The pads have wings that secure into place with a single snap, and they come with a waterproof carrying bag that’s also made from recycled polyester.

Nixi Pads:

  • Are an all-in-one design; no inserts
  • Come in four different sizes/absorbencies: Extra Light, Light, Medium and Heavy
  • Are sold in sets of three
  • Are available in only one color: a lovely pastel pink
  • Have a PUL layer that is free of lead, PVC, phthalates and BPAs.


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Customers agree that these pads hold up well against leaks. Also, the fleece lining is soft and remains soft even if the pads are air-dried.

“These are my favorite cloth pads. The heavy is long and is actually the size of a heavy pad. I’ve never had any leaks with these.” (

“These are now my to-go pads now, they are a good size (large) and comfortable for day or night. I wear them for day use. The liner actually repels really well so your panties won’t get stained.” (

“I don’t have a dryer, so the fleece lining is a good choice, as it dries really soft.” (


Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Even happy users of these pads wish they were available in more colors than just pastel pink, notably darker shades to hide stains. Another complaint is that the pads are too wide, and that, since the wings aren’t stitched on separately, moisture spreads to the sides.

“The only thing I didn’t like is that the wings are a continuation of the pad… so it wicks the blood around into the wing area, so the blood got onto my clothes.” (

“They were not a fit for my underwear… they are a bit wider than my panties, so it moved around a bit more than I like…” (



About the Company

Nixi Pads are sold by Bumkins Finer Baby Products. Bumkins began in 1989 as a cloth diaper company. From this foundation, they expanded their product line to bibs, bags and more. All products use Bumkins’ signature fabric. According to Bumkins, they are the creators of the best-selling baby bib in the USA: the SuperBib. The Nixi line was developed in 2013. Most of their products are made in China though some products are made in the USA. Bumkins’ contact address is in Phoenix, Arizona.


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