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Material: Silicone - Frosted, Smooth

  • Rim: Thicker ring of silicone
  • Secondary Rim: Wide band located below the upper ring. Gradual transition between the body of the cup and the secondary rim.
  • Body: V shaped
  • Air Holes: Four very large air holes
  • Stem: Solid, stick stem with good stretch and three grip rings.
  • Seams: Body - Visible seams traveling the length of the body, over the stem and back down the other side. These can be slightly felt with a fingertip. Rim - Visible seam on top of the rim. May have a small lip of silicone, but is soft enough to fold under pressure.
  • Markings: "OrganiCup" and measuring lines on the outside of the cup.
Colors: Opaque white

Overall Impression: Although the seams are visible and may be felt with a fingertip, the OrganiCup is still a great cup for someone who needs some firmness. These cups are slightly shorter than the "average" sized cups on the market. The large would be better for someone with a medium to high cervix, and someone with a light to moderate flow. If you have a heavy flow, this cup may need to be emptied a little more often because of the large air holes. The stem is stretchy, but sturdy. This cup is prone to staining, but nothing that a little 50 water/50 peroxide won't clean up.
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45 mm
70 mm
53 mm
17 mm

30 ml
36 ml

4 / 5 (Rim)
3.5 / 5 (Body)
3.5 / 5 (Overall)

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