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Material: Silicone - Smooth

  • Rim: Very thick ring of silicone
  • Secondary Rim: Thick band of silicone below the upper rim. The secondary rim has an edge to it and not a gradual transition.
  • Body: V shaped
  • Air Holes:
  • Stem: Long, hollow stem which can be trimmed if needed
  • Seams: Found on the side of the rim but has been cleaned up nicely.
  • Markings: "mooncup" and two measuring lines
Colors: Semi Clear

Overall Impression: The V shape will probably make this cup more comfortable for someone with a medium to high cervix. If your cervix sits inside of the cup, the already small capacity will be less. Some people find that the rim and secondary rim are too bulky or firm. The MoonCup USA version is slightly longer than MoonCup UK version.
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43 mm
71 mm
50 mm
21 mm

14 ml
28 ml

3 / 5 (Rim)
3 / 5 (Body)
3 / 5 (Overall)

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