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Material: Silicone - smooth, extra pieces present on the rim, feels a bit like a plastic toy

  • Rim: Thick ring
  • Secondary Rim: A single ring around the outside of the cup
  • Body: Long, unique shape
  • Air Holes: 4
  • Stem: Part of cup (Cannot be trimmed)
  • Seams: Body - Down the body - up and over the stem. Rim - Around the topside of the rim.
  • Markings: Brand, logo, size and model number on the outside ...
Colors: Light Pink

Overall Impression: A very long cup with a unique shape. The cup can be used with or without the applicator. The cup is placed into the applicator and pushed through to be inserted. To remove the cup, the applicator is screwed on to the base. Getting the hang of the applicator can be a challenge. Since the "stem" is part of the cup, it can not be trimmed. Therefore, this cup is only suited for someone with a medium to high cervix.
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40 mm
66 mm
66 mm
0 mm

18 ml
18 ml

3.5 / 5 (Rim)
4 / 5 (Body)
4 / 5 (Overall)

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