Material: Silicone - Silky smooth

  • Rim: Inner "spill-proof" rim with notch
  • Secondary Rim:
  • Body: Unique, ergonomic design for better fit
  • Air Holes:
  • Stem: Short hollow stem that can be trimmed if needed.
  • Seams:
  • Markings:
Colors: Dark Pink

Overall Impression: These cups are better suited for someone with a high to very high cervix. They are one of the longer cups on the market. While the stem can be trimmed, there is a hard piece of silicone at the base of the cup which may still be felt at the vaginal opening. This cup has no air holes which may pose a problem when trying to release the seal. Although people consider this a softer cup, it features two inner spines which are supposed to help open the rim and body. Since this cup was designed to be ergonomic to fit better, you may need to pay closer attention while inserting it to make sure that it is positioned correctly. This cup has been known to turn white when stretched.
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44 mm
78 mm
65 mm
13 mm

32 ml
32 ml

3.5 / 5 (Rim)
3.5 / 5 (Body)
3.5 / 5 (Overall)

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