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Material: Silicone - Clear, smooth

  • Rim: Old Model - Thicker ring of silicone. New Model - The rim on the newer version is not as bulky as the original but still feels more "meaty"
  • Secondary Rim: Old Model - short ring of thick silicone under rim. New Model - The transition of the secondary rim has more of an "edge" instead of a slight sloop like on the original. This also feels more "meaty".
  • Body: Between "V"-Shape and Bell shape
  • Air Holes: Old Model - 4 large holes. New model - 4 medium sized holes
  • Stem: Old Model - Thin and stretchy. Still feels sturdy. Small ball at end. Can be trimmed easily. New Model - Thicker stem than the original Juju Cup, with three trim points or "cones" which also act as grip rings.
  • Seams: A seam around the side of the rim can be found. Some jagged pieces, but are soft enough that it folds under pressure.
  • Markings: "Juju" with logo, and "2" branded on the inside of the cup.
Colors: Clear

Overall Impression: Old Model - Even though the seam on the side of the rim may be jagged, the cup overall is really nicely made. The stem may seem questionable thin, but after tugging on it several times, it is still intact. This cup may work well for someone with a medium to high cervix. If you have a very high cervix, the Juju Cup also offers a Model 3 Cup which was specifically made for those with a longer vaginal canal. The original design (small & large) have minimal, low rise grip rings that may make it difficult for some to handle when slippery. Check out the newer version of the Juju Cup for more pronounced grip rings. New Model - Still the same great cup but with more "meaty" areas for secure handling. The butterfly logo is filled in at the base for grip rings and is more pronouced than on the original.
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46 mm
69 mm
50 mm
19 mm

25 ml
30 ml

3 / 5 (Rim)
3 / 5 (Body)
3 / 5 (Overall)

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