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Material: Silicone - Frosted

  • Rim: Spill-proof, pour spout
  • Secondary Rim: Thick inner ring with notch for easy folding.
  • Body: Spherical
  • Air Holes: None
  • Stem: Long ring that can be trimmed.
  • Seams: Traveling the length of the body, up over the ring stem and back down the other side.
  • Markings: Measuring lines and numbers on the outside of body.
Colors: Frosted white

Overall Impression: The training cup would be great for those with a very low cervix and a light flow or spotting. This cup designed for light days as well as for helping people get used to using a menstrual cup of this shape. The cup seems well made and the stem seems nice and sturdy. The spill-proof, pour spout is much like that of the FemmyCycle Cup but with design embellishments of a tulip. This cup has no air holes which may be great for some, but cause issues of a "too tight" seal for others. This cup is very small and very short and may be hard to reach for those with a medium to high cervix. The training cup is not sold seperately. It comes in addition to the standard or large size, pouch, and a cloth pad liner.
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36 mm
55 mm
30 mm
15 mm

10 ml
10 ml

3.5 / 5 (Rim)
4 / 5 (Body)
4 / 5 (Overall)

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