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Other Brand Names: Aka Saforelle

Material: Silicone - "Peach Skin", Frosted

  • Rim: Thicker ring of silicone that flares out. Flat on the top.
  • Secondary Rim:
  • Body: Bell-shaped which narrows towards the top and then flares out to the rim.
  • Air Holes: 4 large holes
  • Stem: Very long stem meant to locate the cup and not meant to be used to pull the cup down. The stem may be trimmed.
  • Seams: Body - Slightly visible. Can not be felt. Rim - A seam lays on the outer ring of the rim on the top. Although this seam may include some jagged areas or extra bits of silicone, they are still soft.
  • Markings: "enna" and measuring lines on the outside of the cup.
Colors: Blush pink

Overall Impression: This cup is one of two cups on the market that offers an applicator. The kit comes in a pack of 2 cups (2 small cups / 2 medium cups / 2 large cups), sterilizing container and can be purchased with or without the applicator. The applicator may assist in inserting the cup, but does not assist in removal. While the body of this cup is very soft, the rim is on the firmer side. The shape and size of these cups may be better for someone with a medium to low cervix or a lighter flow. The length of the stem is deceiving in that it is not to be used to pull the cup down. The stem is a very thin piece of silicone which my snap off if pulled on.
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42 mm
121 mm
51 mm
70 mm

22 ml
27 ml

3 / 5 (Rim)
1 / 5 (Body)
2 / 5 (Overall)

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